Monday, October 14, 2013

A Perfume Concept In Search of The Right Scent

    At the forefront today is the Justin Bieber "strategy" project for Perfume Makers & Marketers Club members.

    But there's more to the day than that.

    I have a left over project from last summer developing a perfume that came out "not quite right" and now I have to get back onto it and bring it to completion.

    But that's not all. I have a second perfume project that has been very much on my mind but for which I am stalled on visualizing the complex scent I want to create.

    This second perfume is a multi-media experiment. I won't even TRY to sell the fragrance but I will give away a few bottles to select friends and others.

    This second fragrance, which I'll call "Confusion II," is intended to "illustrate," in scent, a small but quite heavy metal garden sculpture -- a work of "art" if you care to call it that. (See photo above.)

    But sculpture and scent are only TWO parts of this multi-media presentation. There will also be music -- also to "illustrate" the sculpture -- and that simple tune is already in the works.

    Finally, there will be MOTION. This will require a bit of an investment but hopefully will be worth it -- for the THRILL of it if nothing more.

    When all this is achieved I'll do a very short video for here and YouTube. Short. Simple. Experimental.

    Why all this? Where is the strategy? "Show me the dollars!"

    Great strategies come from injecting great energy into your work. So, while this "Confusion II" project may not be for sale, I expect it will give me a few perfume profit strategy ideas -- which I'll share with members of the Perfume Makers & Marketers Club.

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